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Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

Outfit your establishment’s restrooms this scratch less toilet brush.

If you operate a restaurant, hotel, motel, office building, school, or other establishment with restrooms, then this scratch less toilet bowl brush with caddy is ideal for you. By having this product available in your restrooms or janitorial closet, you’ll be able to clean toilets and urinals more efficiently. Simply store this brush using the hook on the product’s handle to hang it. Also, thanks to its all-plastic construction, this product is light weight and resistant to the chemicals that are commonly used to clean toilets.

Toilet Cleaning Brush

Key Features

  • Resists chemicals and matting.
  • Long handle keeps hands away from toilets.
  • Withstands hundreds of washes and requires less drying time.

Product Specifications

Product Code TSQ001 / TRO001
Technical Specifications Toilet brush Material: Brush-PP,25mm length; Handle-PP,288mm length;
Packaging Information each in PE bag,
20pcs in one carton
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