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Urinal Pad


Not all Urinal Pads are the same! Our Urinal Pads have been developed to remove the main cause of odours, blockages & water wasting. Urinal Pads deal with the common urinal problems by eliminating unpleasant smells, reducing blockages, improving hygiene, enhancing the appearance of the washroom and reduces both operating and maintenance costs.

Urinal Pad releases the friendly biological enzyme's which changes the structure of uric salt and sludge build up by Urine making them soft and washable. The enzymes multiply in the urine-rich environment. The netted screen around prevents drain pipes clogging due to cigarette buds, chewing gum, wrappers etc. It can be used with and without water, thus helping you save water.

Problem with traditional cleaning methods

What is causing the problem is a build up of uric salt crystals and sludge in the pipe work and urinal components. This provides a breeding ground for airborne bacteria which feed and produce foul smells. The deposits are virtually impossible to remove with water and everyday cleaners.

Urinal Pad Texas

Key Features

  • Flexible screen traps debris.
  • Enzyme block cleans and deodorizes during flush.
  • Screen and block combo fights uric acid odors.
  • Lasts up to 30 days.

Product Specifications

Product Name URINAL PADS
Product Code U001
Technical Specifications
Packaging Information 1 box = 12pcs
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